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Sonic Underground
Episode 41
A new foxy friend
Thesonicx666: Hey guy's. It's been a while. But enjoy this new chapter of this new story.

Queen Aleena: 'My children have lost so much. But can they help someone recover from their loss.'

Swat-bot: "OPEN UP CITISEN!"

????: "Miles you have to fly faraway from here. Don't let Robotnik find you."

Miles: "But dad-"
????: "No buts!"

????: "Hurry son and remember Mommy and Daddy love you."

????: "Go son! Go!"and with that Miles flow away. Faraway from his home."

Sleet: "General Prowler. Your under arrest for crimes against Robotnik. You and your wife will becoming with us. But tell me where is your son. Miles was it?"

Rosemary: "We told him to fly faraway from here and go somewhere Robotnik will never find him."

Dingo: "Should I go after him Sleet?"

Sleet: "Why bother. He's just a kid. What harm could he possibly do?"

Meanwhile in the alley way's of Robotropolis...

Sonic: "Anything from Syris yet?"

Sonia: "The same answer from when you asked 5 minuets ago. NO!"

Sonic: "Hey I can't help it if I'm bored."

Manic: "SONIC STOP!"

Sonic: "Hey what gives?"

Manic: "Look you two."

Sonia: "O my gosh. A little fox. Let's go see what's wrong." So Sonic, Sonia, and Manic exit the van and walked up to the little fox.

Sonic: "Hey little guy what's wrong?"

Miles: "H-he took th-them." Miles struggled to say it. "Ro-Robotn-nik took m-my parents."

Manic: "What's your name kid?"

Miles: Miles Prowler. But everyone calls me Tails."

Sonic: "Tails it is then."

????: "Priority One Hedgehog's!"

Tails: "MOM! DAD! NOOOOO!"

Sonic: "Quick everyone! In the van!." Sonic, Sonia, Manic, and Tails got away in the van. But Tails started crying again after seeing his parents robotised.

Sonic: "Don't you worry Tails we'll get Robotnik back for this."

That night outside of Robotnik's fortress...

Sonic: "All clear come you three." Sonia, Manic, and Tails hurried toward Sonic. "In here."

Sonia: "Sneaking into an air vent. So original."

Sonic: "Well if you have a better idea let's hear it."

Sonia: "Um. Have I ever told you how much I love sneaking in air vent's?" She said trying to escape the question.

Sonic: "I didn't think so."

Manic: "Hey less talky more sneaky." Manic said trying not break their cover.

Sonic: "Right right. Everybody in."

After five minuets of silence...

Sonia: "So does anyone know where this leads?"

Manic: "It's suppose to lead to Robotnik's main control room."

Sonic "We should be there soon."

After another five minuet's Sonic, Sonia, Manic, and Tails finally reached the control room.

Sonic: "Were here and it looks like Robuttnik's gone shopping."

Manic: "I'll hack the computer while you guy's keep an eye out for Robotnik. This could take a while."

Sonia: "Hey! Where's Tails?"

Sonic: "He must have his own stuff to do."

After 10 minuets Robotnik finally returned.

Sonic: "Manic you might want to hurry it up cause Robotnik's coming."

Manic: "Done!"

Robotnik: "Hedgehog's! What are those blasted hedgehog's doing in my control room!?"


Robotnik: "What! NOOOO! The control's have been destroyed! I can't stop it! Quick to the escape pod's!"

Tails: "Hey you guy's need a lift?"

Sonic, Sonia, and Manic: "TAILS!"

Sonic: "Where'd you get the plane?"

Tails: "it was a gift from my dad. It's called the tornado. Quick get in!"

Queen Aleena: So Sonic, Sonia, Manic, and Tails flow away in the tornado and watched Robotnik's fortress explode. I wish that was end of Robotnik but sadly he escaped.

Robotnik: "Those hedgehog's will PAY FOR THIS!"

End of episode.
My version of season 2.
1nu-kimi Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I loved this! poor tails but at least he's with the sonic underground
The-Sonic-X Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This story seems to be getting a lot of love both on here and even though this is one of my worst written story's ever. Which is why for the past 11 months I've been rewriting this chapter and  trying to make it sound more believable and less fast paste (It's so far around 1100 words) and i'm even going as far as trying to write a song for each chapter just like every episode of the TV Show had a Song.

So in all Thank you for the great comment, it's comments like these that make me want to continue with what I've been doing for the past 3 years. :)
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